Sunday, November 15, 2009

Finished - Small Trace 5mils 30m QRSS Transmitter

I received in the mail a KID2 Keyer to finish the Small Trace 5mils 30m QRSS Transmitter (see previous post).

This circuit produces 43uW of QRSS FSK power into a 75 ohm load on 10.140080mHz from 9Volts at 4.5ma.

The goals of this experimental project was to:
  • build the smallest PCB that I could produce using my current Home Brew techniques
  • use all SMT parts (except Crystal, Battery and Keyer)
  • use smaller than industry standard trace sizes (used 5mils)
  • use no more parts than necessary
  • build a real and useful working circuit

This transmitter will be installed in the centre insulator of a 30m Dipole (see previous test)

Note: the frequency dose not seem as "hand proximity" stable as other similar circuits that I have produced. I think the lack of stability is due to the very small (5mil) traces used, each small trace contributing a small amount of Inductance to each component and therefore hand proximity capacitance is more determinately effective. More tests are needed?


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