Tuesday, August 10, 2010

HomeBrew HF PA for QRP

This is one of my current projects. I am in the process of designing and building my Next Generation (3rd) HomeBrew HF PA for QRP.  As before, the plan is to use all Surface Mount Devices (SMD). It will be used with one of my 9 Volt Beacons or QRSS Transmitters.

The design supports both FSK and CW.

The Design is in Progress:

Proposed Circuit

This initial trial will not have an output harmonic filter, it maybe an add-on or incorporated onto the PCB for the Next Generation.

Proposed PCB

For the actual etched version of the is board, the holes will be filled, and only surface mounted components will be used

With out additional modifications or additions, the resulting PCB should be about 3x1.5 inches. The PCB will be, as before, created with the Toner Transfer Method. Parts are generally 1206 size, traces will be about 8mil's.

The Previous Generations of this design worked well, but I had to add too many Ugly parts just hanging on it - this new design should be a "cleanup", and  with a few new ideas. Note: I could not find a photo of the Second Generation of this project.

The "First Generation" of this  HF PA


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