Sunday, August 1, 2010

Return Trip to Mt Pilchuck

A email to local HAMs

I am planning a return trip to Mt Pilchuck (because it is there) to work some Phone, CW and Laser Line-Of-Site (LOS) contacts. The preferred operating site is at the 2600 ft level on the West side of the mountain.
For LOS, I am planning on taking Binoculars, a Small Keyed Laser Pointer, Tripod and a Key. UPDATE: to avoid public laser concerns, I will leave the laser at home and do the LOS experiment with a normal flash light or signal mirror.
For RF, I am planning on taking HF IC-730.
Local HAMs that have a clear view of the mountain and want to participate in a Laser LOS contact should send me their GRID square with at least eight digits of resolution. Zoom in and click on the following map to find your LOS operating GRID square:
Zoom in even closer to get Ten Digits of GRID location resolution. 
Note: my location on Mt Pilchuck will be at the other end of the provided line on the map.
Here is the Map SkyLine View of Horizon from the Mt Pilchuck Bench;, Note: the view to the East is eclipse by the mountain, as expected.

I am trying to arrange to be on Mt Pilchuck on Aug 7th or maybe the 8th.
Anyone interested on going on the trip should let me know. For access to this special operating location, a higher than normal clearance vehicle is required, but the upper level can be access with a normal car, but with more BUGs.
It should be a fun day.
Eldon - WA0UWH

I am planning on leaving one of my; 9 Volt, 30m, 43uW, QRSS Beacons -  hidden on the mountain for a few days, details will be provided.

If I can find a good hiding spot, with supports for the Beacon and Antenna, the Beacon will be in the centre insulator of a 30m 1/2 wave dipole (see previous post), otherwise I may use just a stub antenna.

Planning on working mostly the following bands near the frequencies indicated:
  • 40m -   7.030mHz,   7.240mHz
  • 20m - 14.060mHz, 14.240mHz
  • 30m - 10.136mHz
I have cleared my schedule and ready to go for Saturday Aug 7, so I will be on Mt Pilchuck and should be setup before 11:30AM.



  1. Eldon,
    I liked the HeyWhatsThat site. Next weekend I will be at Mt. Snow VT so I looked that up and added it to the list! Hope to hear you on the QRP Echo Link Conf again with a report.

    Paul K3PG

  2. Follow Up,

    > Do you actually modulate a light "carrier" with intelligence, and do you plan to establish a contact with a like minded individual on the other end? I didn't know "they" were doing this these days. What is the range for light transmission

    Charlie's question stems from a statement on my web page regarding a desire to try Line-of-sight QSO via Laser Light.

    Several years ago, I was driving in a local hilly area, while at a stop light, I was repeatedly flashed by a rotating Laser Level being used on a distant construction site. The laser light was distracting, but at a distance it was not objectionable, no more than a car tail light.

    Also when I was a kid, I remember reading and seeing a photo of a very early low power laser located in San Francisco, where the photographer was located in Oakland. The little low power laser appeared several time brighter (in the photo) as compared to the high wattage street lamps and signs. I have always wanted to duplicate that experiment.

    I now have a small laser, with wires attached, which can be keyed and put on a tripod. I do not know if the laser will make the distance for a QSO - But I want to try. All I need is for someone to be looking, and maybe with a similar set up, a real LOS QSO can take place.

    Charlie, I think your setup site is about 32 miles from Mt. Pilchuck - it will be interesting to measure the width of the observed light at your location - I suspect it will be at least ten feet wide depending on smoke and haze.

    Note: we should observe eye protection precautions until we understand the real physics here. Maybe the laser should only be observed via a digital camera display shielding your eyes (as some have suggest for looking at the sun). I suspect as with the above observed construction laser, a keyed very low power laser is not detrimental.

    Let me know if you want to try.

    Eldon Brown

  3. UPDATE: to avoid public laser concerns, I will leave the laser at home and do the LOS experiment with a normal flash light.