Wednesday, December 15, 2010

FT-817ND - My First Modification

OK, I have had my FT-817ND for a few days, and I just love the Rig.

Now it is time for my first modification (yeah, right!) - my fat fingers and thumbs do not fit the knobs very well. That is OK, I knew that was going to be a problem before ordering.

I like the idea and feel of VFO Tuning and Menu Selection with my right hand thumb, but the little depression on the tuning knob is; far too small, and too close to the axis of the knob, to provide the leverage necessary to be effective.

A Google search provided links to the "Kranker Knob" and other accessories - but, I did not want the additional expense and did not (really) want to modify my new FT-817.

What is needed; is a crank (nib) for the original stock knob.

The solution was found in the sewing kit. A hat pin, cut to about 3/8 inch, was carefully pushed between the original plastic knob-center and the outer rubber knob band - a tight fit keeps it in place.

The results:  the "Knib Knob" (c) was invented.

FT-817ND - VFO Tuning via the -  Knib Knob

And, They Come in Designer Colours
Note: only the red pin has been cut to the required length

The modification looks and feels very natural. With your right thumb-pad resting on the Knib Knob, it is easy to spin the knob, pick a menu item, or do fine tuning of the VFO, with very little effort.

The Knib Knob is a QRP size modification for a QRP size Rig.

Note: Thinking about it, a "U" shaped bent pin may provide even more Knib Knob stability - something I may try.  Also, a more permanent installation could include a small hole in the edge of the knob to press fit the pin.

Orders for the Knib Knob will soon be accepted on this Site
Return here for details
( and, I also have a large bridge for sale :-)

All Knib Knob product reviews will be published.

Seriously, this simple little thing, just works Great! - Talk to the (x)YL, and try it!



  1. This will sound silly, but I usually operate my 817th with both hands - left hand on the rotary switch for fast moves within the band and the right on the vfo knob hihi