Friday, December 3, 2010


Well, finally after 6 months of wrangling around, head scratching, talking about, and trying to decide to (or NOT) buy a FT-817ND with Z-817 ATU - I did it, it is on order!

This is my second impulse buy of the year, and it only took 6 months!!

Now, I only have to wait the required few days for the postal service for delivery,  .  .  but, do I have to wait even longer to open it on Christmas day?  .  .  .  -  Nah!

I'll soon be calling CQ

Now, where was that 817 yahoo group??



  1. Time to get the accessories!

    I really enjoy the DSP option.

    73 Scott HL2/AD7MI

  2. Like yourself I contemplated this purchase for some time.
    I ordered mine from GigaParts and the guys from W4RT collected it and fitted many optional extras.
    It arrived into the country the other day.
    I type this from next to my letter box as I wait for the postman :-)

    John ZL1PO