Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dog, Radio, Vistas, and Photos

This afternoon, we had a bit of a fall wind storm role through the area. The lights went out in my Shop, and did not appear to be returning soon. So, I decided to take the opportunity to go play Radio and take photos in the Mountains.

A stop in route at Verlot,
along the Mountain Loop Highway
One of my favorite destination is a Rock Quarry on the east end of Mt Pilchuck range (2600'), actually it is on Bald Mountain. It is up a long winding graved access road, about 5 miles off the highway.

We stopped several times along the Loop Highway, to take photos and use the facilities.

On the way up, I heard several QSO's on 6 meters and then more on 10 meters. They were saying that 10 meters was open and I would have to agree - there was a lot of SSB chatter.

Tess at the edge of the cliff
at the Rock Quarry
Once parked at the Rock Quarry, I set up and configured the radio and antenna for 10 meters. I made several QSO's with people calling CQ, and answered many more that just did not hear me. My 5 watts was just not making it. I also rechecked 6 meters with only a little luck.

The Northwest Puget Sound Fall weather was great, it was a little damp and smelled of fresh rain. And of course, rain keeps the dust down on the mountain roads, which is nice. The weather was very unstable, one moment it was dark and threatening, and then next is was full of sun.

From the Rock Quarry,
looking Northeast, at Threatening Rain, . . .  
and then, the same area a few minutes later,
I was standing in warm sun.
We stayed at that the Rock Quarry for about two hours. I saw only two cars on the mountain, and one of them was the local Sheriff.

Hey, with a Dog, Radio, Vistas and Photos - What more could you ask !!?


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