Saturday, November 3, 2012

More Fun with 3D

I recently updated a previous post showing the outside view from my loft. The original photo was taken on Sep 16th, and now the second was taken on Nov 2ed, These photos are arranged for Cross-Eye 3D viewing (CE3D). I took this last photo just because of the very bright fall colors. Not wanting to bore my blog readers with "just another one of my 3D photos", I decided to attach it to a previous blog page (nobody other than myself will really notice).

But, I inadvertently discovered a very interesting artifact of publishing them on the same post page; after clicking on the first image for the expanded browser view, you can quickly flip between the two views with a gentle roll of the middle mouse button. For this scene, only the season's colors change (and maybe a slight unintended zoom scale). The effect can be seen in 2D, but it is not nearly as dramatic as seen in 3D.

Even with only two photos, the time lapse photography is very intriguing in 3D. I now plan to take similar photos at regular intervals to expand the time frame. Maybe a new photo set each week.

I use ImageMagick to combine the Right and Left images into a CE3D view. For example:

convert R.JPG L.JPG -splice 10x0 +append -chop 10x0 -resize 1200  CE3D.JPG

Note: the Right/Left order of the two original images is very important.

Oh, I have been viewing so many Cross-Eye 3D Viewed photos that I now can quickly switch to Cross-Eye 3D mode and without Eye Strain. The images are photos that I have taken, or created from the raw Mars Mission photos, and others found on the web,  I view most online images from about 30 inches (distance to the computer screen).

I like 3D photos, they provide so much more revealing detail, that just can not be perceived in 2D. It is similar to the different listening pleasures of; an AM Mono broadcast, and good a FM Stereo Music Station.

I plan to do a lot more with this interesting viewing mode.

Here is an interesting Cross-Eye 3D Video that may help explain the viewing technique.


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