Monday, November 26, 2012

PCB Solder Jumpers - Cont'd

For Diptrace my new (proposed) Solder Jumper (see previous post), the buried trace connection point on the pad was created by creating the "shape" with the "initial point" at the desired connection point. The "initial point" is where the construction of the "shape" starts and ends. After construction, the "shape" is converted to a "pad" via a right mouse menu item. Below, for demonstration, the "initial point" was artificially exposed by opening (moving) the adjacent points at the left. The grid is set to 2 mils.

For Demonstration the Trace
Connection Point is Exposed at the Cursor

Normally, the gap would be closed, and the two (moved) points would be located at the same point.

This use of the "initial point" may be documented some place in the Diptrace manuals, but I have not found it.


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