Sunday, March 15, 2015

More, CloseUp Tablet Photos

After thinking about the photos taken for the previous post, I was wondering how photos compare; when taken with the Tablet "Magnify App", and when taken through the Microscope Lens with a Tablet or Cell phone Camera?

Here is a photo taken with the Cell Phone Camera (at the Eyepiece Lens) through the Microscope at 15x Power (30x Eyepiece and with a 0.5 Diopter Object Lens).

Cell Phone Photo
through the Microscope Lens
The following photo shows the same area, taken with just the Tablet Camera with the "Magnify App".

Tablet Photo using "Magnify App"
And the same area with just the Normal Tablet Camera.

Tablet Photo using Normal Camera App
The following is the set up, as can be seen, I am just holding the Tablet, using the Microscope LED Ring Light for lighting. The photo was taken with a Cell Phone. The mouse-PCB (the photo subject) is in the spot light.

Set up Configuration
Photo take with Cell Phone
By the sizes of the saved photo files, it is obvious that the Magnify App is using Digital Zoom. but for my blogs the photos are large enough and have enough resolution.

Conclusion: I think until I get a better Microscope Mounted USB Camera, I will be using the Tablet with the "Magnify App" for most of my blog photos.

To make taking photos easier, I plan to build a stand to hold the Tablet steady. The Microscope Ring Light works fine for my photos.


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