Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mouse Surgery

Several weeks ago my Computer Mouse started acting up.  It would sometimes Double-Click on a single left button Click. This is very frustrating as unexpected functions results.

I had recently updated the OS and was thinking that the update had tweaked the Mouse Drivers and inappropriately set the de-bounce timing in the software. But Nope, replacing the mouse solved the problem.

Because I had a similar junk box mouse, I decided to see if I could replace the left button switch and solve the problem.

Right Button Switch Salvaged
From Junk Box Mouse
I successfully removed and reinstalled the mouse switch, I used the right switch from the junk box mouse, thinking that it had "less use" than the left switch. De-soldering the switch was a pain, because it was constructed with Lead Free solder.

I hate Lead Free solder ! And now, my local source for good 62/36/2 is going away, that is RadioShack is going out of business.
62/36/2 Solder

This Mouse surgery was done under heave sedation (battery removed) and with the aid of a Microscope :-)

After surgery, I decide to take some Microscope photos, but my standard microscope USB Camera is OLD and with a bare minimum resolution, I think it is 3Meg Pixel Photo Frame. For modern photos, a minimum is 9 to 12Meg Pixels would be ideal, but high resolution Microscope USB Cameras are expensive.

Recently I had read that reasonable photo can be taken through the Microscope (or telescope) with a cell phone camera, just place the phone camera at the eyepiece. Holding the my tablet steady and in focus was a real problem. Adaptors and fixtures are available on-line.

Microscope and Tablet Camera Photo
The photo resolution is 3264 x 1836 pixels (1.8Mbytes).

The tablet has a Camera "Magnify" Application, just for fun I decided to try it on some small parts. The following were taken with just the tablet camera. Most photos are about 2MBytes in size. I am pleased with the simple results.

The first part is the dis-assembled bad mouse switch, I was wondering if I could spot the problem, I thinks so, "crud" on the contact causing switch bounce.

The following were take just for fun. Note: all of these were taken with just the Tablet Camera. The dime in the corner for scale, note: at this scale, everything appears with "crud" attached. It is no wonder that "clean rooms" are necessary for manufacturing.

For me, this switch is amazing, beautiful, and a marvel of Engineering and Manufacturing.

Just for fun, more photos were taken of other miscellaneous parts.

I Think this is a 1206 size Capacitor
BTW: The Mouse will live, to Run another day :-)

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