Monday, October 12, 2015

Esp8266 Esp-13 - Testing

Today I found time to do some Contrived Stress and Speed Tests on my latest ERB-EspWebServer Code, using the Esp8266 Esp-13 module.
  • For the Tests , the Esp-13 was on a local WIFI network, running at 160MHz, with 4MB of 80 MHz Flash.
  • My Workstation is hard wired connected to the same network via a switch.
  • The Http Transfer Protocol used is "CHUNKED".
  • The Automatically Refreshed (4 Second) Home Page was a little over 30KB.
  • My Workstation had 20 Tabs open, each connected to the Esp's Home Page.
  • The included Graphic was showing a steady 15.8KB FreeHeap.
  • The Test Home Page has; Text, Graphs, Charts, and SVG Images, all Dynamically Created for each Http request.
  • Also, during the Test, mDNS was scheduled and updated each 5 minutes, ntp was updated each 30 minutes.
  • Diagnostic Trace and Status was being Created and Displayed on the Workstation Arduino IDE Monitor via USB.
  • My Normal Workstation work (which was unavoidable) was also being done during the Tests.
If I have my maths , data and methods correct, the results is:
( 20Esp Tabs x 30KB ) / 4Sec = 150KB Per Second Created and Transferred

One of 4 Groups of 5 Esp Tabs
The Esp-13 ran for about 1 hour, before I got GREEDY, an attempted to open more Browser Tabs. At about 35 Tabs things started to FAIL, the update page rate was decreasing, and eventually the Esp-13 crashed and rebooted itself.
Typical Monitor Output
That was fun, . . . the Esp-13 was just . . . Smok'ng !!
I am impressed and very happy with the results.

I will soon update my GitHub Repository with the revised and much faster code.

Let me know if you are interested in participating in a Live Internet Stress Test.

The initial Internet Tests (with my friend Jeff) suggests the Home Page will update at about 6 seconds per page over the Internet, with the Auto Update rate set to 3 Seconds. And, which, of course, is going to be very dependant on my end of a very slow network. So far, we have not done any multi-Tab Test.

Soon, for some more Tests, I plan to connect the Esp-13 to a Very Fast Internet Connection at my Son's house, stay tuned for that.

-- Home Page:

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