Sunday, October 4, 2015

Esp8266 - Futzing with Fritzing

Updated Image with Chip Bypass Caps

My friend Larry - KB7KMO mentioned Fritzing (CAE) in one of his email the other day.

Several years ago, I looked at Fritzing when is was very beta, it was interesting then, but lacked a lot of what I needed for Experimental Circuits and PCB Hobby Productions.

I updated to the latest Revision (0.9.2b), to take another look.

For what I am doing now with PlugBoards (protoboards) it may help with documentation and project sharing.
Esp8266 Esp-11 Programming Fixture
This is my first real Fritzing Project, it is my Esp8266 Programming Board. Note: the ERB-EspWebServer Farm (see previous posts) will similarly be documented in another Post.

I still need to create some custom parts. For the above Image, I have used "place-holders" images for the Power Source, Esp's and Prop Plug.

So far, Fritzing has been a little frustrating, but that maybe just my leaning curve. You will likely see Fritzing used in some of my future Posts.

To increase brightness of LED, Reduce the value of the LED Resistors (e.g., down to 2.2K).

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