Monday, December 14, 2015

Got a Round TUIT


As previously posted, I just needed a Round TUIT.

I receive the replacement CDSH270 Diodes for my Antenna Tuner today, with a little work and with a TUIT they were installed. The Tuner now works as before.

While during the surgery on the tuner, I installed some sharp pointed spark gaps at the SO-239 connectors, and between the Balanced Line Terminals. Maybe they will help save the Diodes the next time I forget to disconnect the Antenna during the an Electric Storm.

For the spark gaps, I soldered one end of a heavy copper wire directly to the SO-239 RF center connector, and then bolted the other end directly to ground (at the connector mount point). After the "Short" was installed, I cut it at the center with dull side-cutters, leaving sharp points on each side. The gap was adjusted to about 1/20 of a inch. The same was done between the Balanced Terminals.

With another TUIT, I installed a 6 AWG ground wire to the Tuner, but waiting for a large spade lug to make the final connection. My available lugs are not big enough for 6 AWG.

Today was nice and sunny, so I also raised the Long Wire Antenna to it normal height. Yesterday when I was repairing it, it was too cold and wet to futz with it to bring it to full height at 90 feet AGL.
Two years ago I tried to work on the antenna, but could not get the 3/32 support line to slide back down the tree. I suspected it had "grown" into a limb, or was pitched into a warren slot. My friend Jeff - KO7M and I was able to pull together hard enough to finally break it free. To avoid the same problem again, I slipped the line into a 20 foot piece of 1/4 inch polypropylene ice-make tube. which we pulled up into the tree where the support line goes over the branches.  Now two years later the line was easy to pull down and then back up.

So far I have made a few SSB contacts with the current antenna configuration. Now I am anxious to work some WSPR - but another TUIT is in the way.

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