Wednesday, December 9, 2015

More Large Numbers

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Update: Jan 7, 2016 - New Largest Prime found: echo "2^74207281-1" | bc, which is 22 Million Digits, the function takes 77.25 minutes to compute on a 3.4GHz Processor. See, youtube at:

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The largest known prime number is: 17,425,170 digits long, it can be computed with this very short function:

echo "2^57885161 -1" | bc

On my Workstation (2.2GHz) it takes about 82 minutes to compute, but with more than 17M digits, it takes much longer to display or print.

To print, it would require 7.7 Reams of paper; single sided, 80 character per line, 56 lines to a page, and 500 pages pre ream.

Note: The person that finds the "next" larger prime number will be famous.

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