Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mouser Fixed Component Bag Labels

A follow-up to a previous post.

In Febuary 2011, I posted a Blog Entry describing my dissatisfaction with Mouser's Component Bag Labels. After a while, the labels would fade, making my component bins of sorted SMT parts almost worthless.

A New Label and an Old Faded Label
I also placed a "Open Letter to Mouser" on the HomeBrew_PCB Yahoo Group List, and received a lot of similar user feedback.

Now for the Good News !!!

I just received a response from Mouser!

They have change their paper and print process, and therefore the Component Bag Labels should now be much more fade resistant.

Thanks Mouser, for taking this concern seriously, and for the attention to details!

Here is Mouser's Responce and our e-mail exchange:

    Hello Mr. Brown -

    This is Mike ****** ** ******** and I work for Mouser Electronics.  I read with interest your blog entry at http://wa0uwh.blogspot.com/2011/02/mouser-label-fades.html.   In the time since you wrote the blog entry we’ve changed the paper we use and eliminated the thermal paper.  If you’ve placed an order lately, have you noticed an improvement in the longevity of the print?

    Thank you,

    Mr Mike ******** -

    This is wonderful news; Mouser Component Package Labels are now more
    Fade Resistant.

    Can I share your e-mail with my Blog readers as an UPDATE?

    I just re-looked at the component tags from my July 28 order. which I
    had already re-labeled with a black marker. The paper and label print
    does seem different.

    Is the new print technology used at all shipping depots?

    Again, Thanks, I am very happy that Mouser took this concern serious.

    Eldon Brown

    Mr. Brown I am very glad to hear that the printing is working better for you.   This is the print technology we use for all of our shipments.  You may share my email, though I request that you please remove my contact information (email and phone) so that I don't inadvertently get spammed if Google carries the page to the far ends of the earth.

    73 -
    Mike de **********



  1. This is great Eldon. I only recently started ordering from Mouser but when I do, I often order more of each part than the quantity I need for the current project, so that I can build up a stock. Like you, I often store these parts in the Mouser bags they came in.

    Thanks to you, I hope to still be able to read the labels on these bags in a few years from now!

  2. Now, if only RS Components would pay as much attention to their customers as Mouser!