Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tennis Ball Launcher, Cont'd

I have collected parts and started the Tennis Ball Launcher,  which will be used to put wire Antennas into my trees. See my previous post.

Note: this is an implementation of the Triitent Pneumatic Launcher.

Adding Screw Thread to build an Adapter
First I had to build an Soft Drink to PVC adapter, most of the similar documented build use threaded inserts that are glued together to make this adapter. But with a lathe, the task was easy to convert an existing 1 inch to 1/2 inch slip adapter to the required threaded configuration.

While looking at a soft drink bottle, it appears the threaded area already has a place for an o-ring, so all that is needed is a thread and an o-ring landing.

The results may provide a stealthy leak proof adapter, note this has not been tested yet. Details will follow.

Original and as Modified
In case someone asks, a 1 liter soft drink bottle has 8 thread per inch, I don't think it is Metric, but it is hard to determine on such a short thread length.

Most documented builds use existing plumbing fittings as they are purchased, and there is no reason not. But for my build I decided to change the shape of the main fitting to be more pleasing to the eye.

Parts As Purchased
The main fitting connection to the barrel is with a coupler and adapter, or a modified cap and adapter, as used by the Triitent Pneumatic Launcher.

For my build, I modified the fittings as shown.

As Modified
Not much was done to the Coupler

As will be used

The preliminary dry fit shows how it all should look when (almost) completed.
Dry Fit
The Trigger, Third Bottle and Barrel to be Added
Note: I have not finished drinking the content of the third bottle, yet, . . burp :-)

The Trigger method has not be solidified yet, most documented Launchers use a standard electric underground sprinkler valves, modified for direct Pneumatic action.

This should be a very light Launcher, and maybe used over the shoulder for best aiming. This will be fun to shoot and use. Tess (my Dog) retrieval will make it just that much more enjoyable.


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