Tuesday, April 3, 2012

TCVCXO Boards Received

Yesterday, I received my TCVCXO PCB back from DorkbotPDX (15 days). These will be used as a stable replacement for the Master Clock on the Propeller USB Protoboard (see several previous posts).

HB 10MHz TCVCXO Propeller Daughter Boards

With a little work two boards were; loaded and initially tested. Jeff - KO7M will receive the second board for his Prop.

Ready to Load Parts

The board size is a little over 0.4 x 0.4 inches, and is made for 0603 and 0805 components. This new board was created to plug into existing hole on the Propeller USB Protoboard.

And of course, More testing is yet to come (although the Homebrew prototype has been doing well, and has be used in my 30m Beacon for the last few weeks).

Jeff and I have used the TCVCXO sucessfully with our Protoboards, the only difficulty is I miss located the third (single) pin on the PCB, it is slightly left of the of its intend spot.  This mistake makes the board sit slightly crooked on the Protoboard. But, the hole-to-pin slop allows correction (while soldering) for most of the misalignment. The alignment will be corrected on the next boards.


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