Friday, July 24, 2015

Esp8266-Esp12 Adaptors

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I purchased several Esp8266 Esp-12 modules with Adaptor boards, but found that the Adaptor boards are not very Protoboard friendly, that is, when put on a protoboard there are NOT any open (uncovered) hole locations for Jumper Pins. As shown below.

Note: All Holes for Jumpers are Covered by the White Board
And besides, I wanted to create my own adaptor, similar to the Esp-11 Adaptor created earlier (see previous post).

This is what I have created for the Esp-12, it has 9 pins with 2mm spacing on one side and 100mils spacing on the other.

I have made this Adaptor Board a Shared Project for your use at, see Link. Let me know if you find it useful.

The Adaptors are very inexpensive, 3 for $1.00, I suggest ordering them in groups of 12 or 24. The larger count makes the postage and PayPal charges more tolerable for OshPark.

Mounting Configurations

One board is used for each side of the Esp-12. They can be used in several configuration (including one that I had not previously thought of, when creating it, more on that later).

The Castellated Edge Connector needs to be cleaned and "de-burred", the manufacturing process leaves fibreglass dust and burs of metal from the inside of the hole that was cut to make the Castellated Edge Connector.

Clean and Match the Castellated Edge Connector
Align and Solder Header Pins
First, Header Pins were Aligned and Solder , they were later pushed into a Protoboard to help align the Esp-12 on top. Note: the Header is NOT soldered through the holes in this configuration.

All Finished

Another configuration uses the Adaptor parallel with the Esp-12 and with the Header soldered in the holes as normal.

The Flat Wing Configuration
I do not care for this parallel Flat-Wing Configuration, for the same reason that I do not like the original purchased adaptor, it covers all of the Protoboard Jumper-pin Holes (not protoboard friendly).

An Unplanned Back-to-Back Configuration

But, . . . while playing with this Flat-Wing Configuration, I notice that if I reverse the two boards the Esp-12 fits very nicely on top and leaves most of the Protoboard Jumper-pin holes available. I clipped the Header-pins very close (short) with very sharp clippers. And then, just for good measure and avoid shorts, I put tape on the back side of the Esp-12 board.

Adaptors Back-to-Back
The Esp-12 is aligned and then soldered on top.

Esp-12 Soldered to Back-to-Back Adaptors
Esp-12 Read for Use
Or, Ready for 8-Pin DIP Socket
Note, with this Header-pin spacing, this would fit into a normal 8-pin DIP socket !

The Family

Here is my (new) current family of Esp-12, ready for action.

The Family
Let the Esp Programming Fun Begin, . . . Again !! :-)

BTW, I have a Esp-13 Adaptor being manufactured, more on this later.

I like the Back-to-Back Configuration so well, that I plan to create yet another adaptor, it will be a single board Back-to-Back Adaptor - details to follow.

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  1. You my friend are the crazy-cat-guy of ESP addicts... :)

  2. Great little project! I was going to order the adapters, but if you plan on having the sing board adapters shortly, maybe I'll hold off. Have an ETA?

    1. I have now shared The Single Board Esp12 and Esp13 Adapters on OshPark.