Thursday, August 13, 2015

DipTrace 2.9 Beta

DipTrace has just made available Update 2.9 Beta, which includes several new capabilities or functions. The most interesting/useful to me is "Configurable HotKeys".

I have assigned:
  •       "]" to Object -> "Update All Copper Pours"
  • "Ctl-]" to Object -> "Unpour All Copper Pours"

During the last stages of a PCB edit, my productivity will now jump 1000%.

Previously making small trace-edits to (ensure connections or adjust) of the pours was an extremely tedious task.

Also, I have assigned:
  • "[" to View -> "Mirror"
Now a quick tap of "B" then "[", shows the the bottom side in "normal" flip-the-board-over view, which is very useful when adding Text Silkscreen to the bottom side.

And then, "T" and "[" reverts back to the normal top side view.

Note: A little Silkscreen text on each side helps orient yourself for each side.

And Yes I know "Mirror" has always been there, but it was always a "Pain-in-the-butt" to find it in the drop down menus, and therefore I seldom used it.

Thanks, DipTrace Team !!!

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