Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Another ESP Adaptor

UPDATE: Here is some important info, watch this thread for progress:

Yes, this is yet another Esp8266 Adaptor, but this one will support an Esp-12E with its extra six pins. The side pins match the Castellated pins on the Esp-12E. Note: this Diptrace 3D rendering does not know how to correctly represent Castellated connectors.

Top Side - Esp8266 Esp-12E Adaptor
I just sent the design into OshPark.com for manufacture, the boards should be returned in about 2 weeks. The cost is $1.50 each. If all goes well, I will share the design as a Project on OshPark.

Bottom Side - Esp8266 Esp-12E Adaptor
"If", I did everything right (with no mistakes),  this should fit a 22 pin DIP socket, or a normal Protoboard with lots of available holes for jumper wires. The underside used two single row SMT 0.1 inch Headers which are available on Ebay, for example: here.

While designing this adaptor, I considered adding a few Pullup Resistors, Program and Reset switches. But, for the boards size that would require a four layer board, and would decreases Pin flexibility.

I think this adaptor will be my favourite, for small Esp8266 Protoboard development projects. The Esp-12E provides lots of I/O and is still very small (I like that).

Note: this design is the result of experimenting with a "Back-to-Back Configuration" as suggested in a previous post.


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  1. I am very glad to have found your blog at the most opportune time, having this very night decided to order a few of the 12E modules for experimentation. Should you make these adapters available you may count on my order. This is the best solution I've seen yet to a vexing problem.