Friday, August 28, 2015

Esp8266 Esp-13 to DIP Adaptor

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I recently received my homebrew Esp8266 Esp-13 to DIP Adaptors from With only a little sanding of the edges they were ready to assemble.

I made the adaptor available as a free "shared project" on site. They are inexpensive at $4.20 for a set of three. Note: I suggest you order 9 or 12 (or more) to make the free shipping more tolerable for the good folks a OSHPark.

Let me know if you find this adaptor board useful.

The Adaptor and Parts
Soldering the two Castellated Edge Connections was much easier than I thought, with a little rosin on each edge, solder wicked into half-round-holes to form a nice solder bridges between the two boards.

SMT Headers Installed
The SMT Headers were easily soldered on the back. They are inexpensive and available on ebay, for example: here.

Ready to Use
The results can be plugged into a Solder-Less Protoboard, or into a 18 Pin DIP socket. For production, this adaptor would not be appropriate, but for experiments and prototypes, it works great.

Inserted into a Solder-Less Protoboard
The Esp8266 Esp-13 has 4M Bytes of Flash, compared to 512K Bytes on the typical lower numbered modules. Esp-13's are available from several suppliers on ebay. for example: here.

Note: Currently, Esp-13 information is a little sparse on the Internet.

Esp8266 Esp-13 Face Plate
(18 x 20mm)
Esp8266 Esp-13 Pinouts


An another Esp-13 Resource link

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  1. Could you share the scr file for this project?