Monday, August 27, 2012

CW JPL Written in Mars Dust

From my perspective (setting on Earth) the most interesting photos take by the Mars Rover Curiosity, so far are the Navigation Camera Photos. These photos are taken by the two Masthead Nav Cameras. The resulting high resolution images can be merge into one 3D Cross-Eye Viewable image. Some of other cameras on Curiosity are monocular, and therefore their photos are not nearly as interesting.

Here are some fake color Cross-Eye Images taken on Sol-21. Click on the image for full size, then try the Cross-Eye 3D Viewing method.

Some of the First Tracks
"JPL" Written as CW-Code In the Sands of Mars
If you look close, you can almost decode the mound of dust as "JPL", which are the CW characters written by holes in the Wheel Treads. The Wheel Treads CW-Code prints were initially in sync. As expected, that didn't last long (up until the first turn as shown by the track circle on the left :-).

I created the Cross-Eye 3D Images via the ImageMagick command:

convert  NRA*.JPG  NLA*.JPG   -splice 10x0 +append -chop 10x0 -resize 1200 -fill '#630' -tint 150 3D.jpg

Here is the destination:
Destination: Mount Sharp
It is fascinating that these images came from Mars; from that distance and at such low power (now that is really QRP! :-).


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