Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mars 3D via ImageMagick - Cont'd

For fun, here is another Homebrew Mars Cross Eye Photo created with the following ImageMagick command on linux (see previous post). Original photos taken on Sol2 via the Navigation Cameras.

convert  NR*.JPG NL*.JPG -splice 10x0 +append -chop 10x0 -fill 'rgb(255,150,0)' -tint 150 CrossEye3dFakeColorFull.jpg

Sol0002 - Cross Eye 3D Fake Color
I think you can see two blast craters created by two of the four decent rockets. Assuming that they are blast craters, it would be interesting to know the direction the Sky Crane left the area, the blast pattern might suggest to the left or to the right.

The following are my observations, and therefore obviously not authoritative.

What is not obvious in the original photos, and which can only be seen in the 3D view, is a slight depressions (running left and right) beyond the large lumps (about 1/4 down from the top). Also, there appears to be a old yet small crater near the same lumps, and nearer than the depression. In the distance, the ground appears to be much less level, Curiosity's Sky Crane picked a good level landing spot !

A 3D view provides so much more insight !!

Because of the distance between cameras (much more than the normal width between your eyes), very close items is in the foreground are hard to view. When (if) the camera is aimed a little higher (at the horizon), there would not be the very near foreground distractions.

This Cross Eye 3D viewing technique is not for everyone, some people complain that it gives them headaches. I have now trained my eyes to automatically adjust as necessary, and can quickly enjoy the images. It helps if you tilt your head so that the horizon (as it appears in the above image) is horizontal (as it should be).

The Landing Site
Note: All of the raw photos can be obtained from the NASA site:

Annotated Image Gallery at:


Here is a later interesting Image, only in the 3D view is it obvious that the large foreground rock is stacked on top of another.
Stacked Rocks - Lower Right
Or try this (click for larger image):


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