Thursday, August 2, 2012

I am Impressed !!

I am Impressed with the new DipTrace 2.2.9 Beta !!

I have been working in my Shop the last few days, installing a Vacuum System to remove Saw Dust and help with general clean up. While taking a short break, I sat down at the computer to read some e-mail.

I just received an automatic e-mail from the DipTrace Development Crew, that  stated DipTrace 2.2.9 Beta was available for download.

Because I use DipTrace for most of my Homebrew or Manufactured PCB's, I was anxious to try the new version. My short break turned into several hours - I was trying all of the new Features and Fixes to problems (that bothered me until now).

I am impressed, the DipTrace Development Team has fixed many of my concerns.

The Beta Fixes make PCB's very easy now; To move a trace - click on it and move, to move a VIA - clink anywhere on it and move. New users will find PCB edits very-very easy and obvious.

My DipTrace Survival Guide has becoming much less relevant, I have updated the Guide with the details that I have learned so far, more to come.

Thanks for the Beta, Guys.


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