Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My 3D IC-730 Station

I have had so much fun creating Cross-Eye 3D (CE3D) Images from the Mars Curiosity photos (see previous posts), that I thought I would try it with my own camera.

Here is a CE3D image of my IC-730 Stations:
Cross-Eye 3D Image of
My IC-730 Station 
Click the image to view in a larger format.

To create the CE3D image I took two photos of the same scene, from a slightly different camera position (displaced about the width of my eyes). The camera was atop a tripod with the three legs almost vertical but yet stable. The right two of the legs were inline with the photo's subject. For the second shot, the third (left) leg was moved sideways a few inches on the floor. The tripod provided a simple yet effective stable platform for both shots.

Yes, this third leg tripod technique does introduce a little miss-alignment, but it is quick and easy. I may investigate a simple sliding-mount adapter for the tripod.

Then I used ImageMagick to combine the two images into a CE3D image:

convert Right.jpg Left.jpg  -splice 10x0 +append -chop 10x0 -resize 1200  CE3D.jpg

This was fun and interesting, I may try this technique for some future electronic projects.

Here is an interesting Cross-Eye 3D Video that may help explain the viewing technique.


Here is one of my Prop Projects, which has a lot of depth and therefore may make for an interesting CE3D image.
CE3D Prop Project
Interesting; If you see the time on the CE3D Image as "10:31:19" then you are probably - Right Eyed, but it you see time as "10:30:59", then - Left Eyed. The difference is course, is the time laps between two photos and you Dominate Eyes perception.

If you have trouble using the Cross-Eye Viewing Method for seeing the CE3D images, try this:
  • Click on the above image to obtain a large image.
  • While viewing at a distance of about 24 inches from the display.
  • Stick your two index fingers straight up, within an inch of your eyes, one finger in front of each eye. 
  • While closing you left eye, adjust the location of your right finger to block out just the right image, but still see the left image. Hold that location. 
  • While closing your right eye, adjust the location of your left finger to block out just the left image, but still see the right image. 
  • Now with out moving your fingers, open both eyes and gaze between your fingers at the 3D image, adjust your eyes to focus.

For some reason, this is less stressful on the eyes, even though it is exactly the same thing as un-aided Cross-Eye viewing.

Return to this page, I may soon have a few more CE3D photos to share.


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