Monday, August 6, 2012

Mars 3D via ImageMagick

With a little ImageMagick it is easy to create a "Cross Eye 3D" image for viewing. Mars Images have names like:

Note: The second Letter denotes which camera (L or R) took the photo.

The raw file can be downloaded at:

To create you own 3D images:
  • Download the Largest Left and Right images for a scene from the NASA web site.
  • Execute the following ImageMagick command (of course, substitute the real Right and Left file names). 
convert  R.jpg L.jpg  -splice 10x0 +append -chop 10x0   3d.jpg 
  • Display the resulting image, adjust the display size to fit your screen.
  • Use the "Cross Eyed 3D" viewing technique.
First Mars Curiosity Photo
Homebrew Cross Eyed 3D Image Viewing
The white space between the Right and Left images, helps your mind to concentrate on only the center phantom 3D image produced with this technique.

Note: Some people have difficulty with this 3D viewing technique. But it is as easy as looking at the tip of your finger at about six inches from your noise, while gazing beyond, at the displayed image on the screen. When it works, you will see third image, in focus, between the two originals on the screen. It may take a while to train you mind to accept the 3D image.

Note: Unlike triditional 3D Stereoscope images "Cross Eye 3D" images must be arranged; Right image on the Left, and Left image on the Right, so that each eye when crossed, will see the correct image.

Note: Normal two color 3D images could probably be created with ImageMagick, but I need to learn a few more Magick Tricks to provide details.

It is Fun, Easy, Quick, and you may notice something in the new Mars Images before anyone else does !!

Try it with the thumbnail image provided on this page, place your finger tip about 1/2 the distance to the screen (your focal point) and slightly under the center of the combined screen image. And/or, click on the image and try it on a larger image.


Maybe something like this will work with normal colored 3D glasses, unfortunately I do NOT have a pair to try.

convert R.jpg L.jpg -fill blue -tint 200 -fill red -tint 200 -combine   3DColor.jpg

Color 3D??
Or, try this:

convert R.jpg L.jpg -adaptive-sharpen 10 -fill green -tint 200 -fill red -tint 200 -combine   3DColorGn.jpg

Try This


Here is what is hidden inside of the NASA Very Dark Rear Camera Image:

Rear Camera
Rear Camera

I think the top of the wheel joint can be seen at mid-right of the image.



  1. The lower combined 3D color image (3DColorGn.jpg) seems to work better for me with 3D glasses. Very cool.

  2. The lower image (3DColorGn.jpg) seems to work better for me with 3D glasses. Nice trick. :-)