Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Marker Family Photo

Dave Axe - W7AGJ came by my Shop today while I was working on board design for the replacement QRSS Receiver, previously I was working on the last Band Edge Marker Oscillator and had just gather them into a group on the bench.  Something was said about they looked like they were there for a Family Photo - So,  why not - here it is!

The pre First - Not shown in photo, was an "Ugly Style Leaded" oscillator soldered to the top of a 9volt battery clip, photo is available in another Album.

Here is the Family, from left to right:
  • The First, was created to try to use SMD parts in Ugly Style.
  • The Second was the previous circuit in SMD Flat Layout, not all parts are SMD, I had just started using PCB Layout Tools and found PCB-FAB-In-A-Box.
  • The Third - using all SMD parts (except Crystal, Switch, and Antenna).
  • The Forth - New Layout and added a previous forgotten part - a decoupling cap, which made for low output.
  • The Fifth - New Layout, while trying to make it as small as possible.
Do I need five Markers? . . . . NO, they were just fun projects and I learned a Lot!

I do not currently have plans to expand the Family - Or, at least not until I can mount all of the components on the side of the Crystal, my skill level will need some improvement first.

This was a fun project - Now onto, Bigger Smaller and Better Things

Don't you just love this Radio/Electronic Stuff!
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