Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Replacement 30m DC Receiver

I currently run a SA602 Direct Conversion Receiver ( old  Photo ) on 30m for QRSS Grabber and WSPR monitor. I built the receiver about a year ago using "Ugly Style Construction" and so far it has served me well, with the excepting that some 60Hz hum that can be seen on the Grabber, at:

I plan to build a replacement, to try to eliminate the hum problem, by; eliminating some ground loops, provide more audio isolation, and update it with all SMD components.

A Trial Fit

This is a start, an audio isolation transformer still needs to be included on the left hand side, and the audio section needs to move left a little so that I can put a divider in the centre slots.

Round fillets would be nice to fit the box better, but the PCB software (DipTrace) does not provide good support for that yet ( it is the beta ), besides, my notcher only does square corners - rounds are a pain.


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