Sunday, October 4, 2009

Working on the 30m Vertical Antenna

I have moved my Web Server to the new DataCenter location, and now have spent some time getting ready to install a 30m Vertical Antenna for my 30m QRSS Grabber Receiver at that location. We dug the ditch for the under ground antenna feed line which will be about 40 meters away from the building. The coax is installed and now I need to build the antenna itself.  I have purchased three telescoping 12 foot aluminium sections (which as much more expensive than I expected) to assemble a free standing 1/4 wave 30m Vertical. I plan to build a base, similar to my old 4-BTV multi band vertical antenna and attach it to a pipe driven into the ground. Some ground radials will be installed later as the area will be covered with sod and the installation of radials will be easy.

Currently my 30m QRSS Grabber Receiver is still at home, from which I transfer the Grabber Images to the Web Server as they are created to the new Web Server DataCenter location via the Internet. My home is served via a Satellite Internet Service and upload transfer speed are slow (and it detracts from my available band width).

So, . . . soon if all goes well, I will be serving my 30m QRSS Grabber Receiver Images from the same location as they are received, and updates to the Web will be more often.

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