Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Heroes Day - Oct 10, 2009

Today would have been my Dad's 88th Birthday - Oct 10, 2009.

In honour of my Dad, I declare  -  Oct 10, 2009 as My Heroes Day.

I have heard that you can help keep someone's memories alive by occasionally saying their name, this is my place to say My Heroes Names.

These are My Heroes

 By: Eldon R. Brown SR

First and Foremost, My Dad:  Leonard J. Brown 1921 - 1998
  • My Dad was not an educated man, he only went to the third grade, but he was the; smartest, wisest man I have ever known. He could fix or build anything, as shown in the photo below.  While clearing a home site (1949), when I was three years old, he was inventing an easy way to move and lift logs, with the aid of the back wheel of an old car that he converted into a tractor.
  • My Dad was the Original MacGyver.
  • My Dad encouraged me to get a good education and provided many opportunities to explore my interests.
  • My Dad would never say "no" to any of my requests, but would encourage me to follow my ideas.

A Friend of the Family: Glenn Ronfeldt - a Second Father Figure
  • Glenn introduced me to electronics at about the age of 7, by giving me a "Radio Kit" - which was a medium size box filled with parts; coils, resistors, capacitors, tubes and connectors. I worked with those parts for years, building many things, most of which did not work, but I used a lot of solder and spent a lot of time doing it. The kit started me off and it kept me off-of-the-streets and working on electronic projects.
  • When Glenn passed away, I collected parts and returned to him the equivalent "Radio Kit", made up of modern micro electronic parts. The replacement kit was contained in a small glass vial, which I tucked into his shirt pocket, just before they closed his casket. But that, by far, will NOT repay my debt.

Antioch, CA - Antioch High School
My Electronic Teacher (1962-1963): Mr. Larry Heath
  • Mr. Heath, provided the information and encouragement to learn the theory and details of electronics - Ohms Law, RC Time Constants, Inductance, Capacitance, and Tubes. In the class we built many kits and projects. 
  • Mr. Heath and I both took the Amateur Radio Novice test about the same time, he became WN6CMD (I think) and I became WN6CMS. 
  • Several years ago we exchanged email.
  • The last information I have on Mr Heath is here.
  • Note: I do not know Mr. Heath's status or location.

Antioch, CA - Antioch High School
My Drafting Teacher  (1961-1964): Mr. Bruno Favro
  • Mr. Favro taught me how to think as a self critical engineer, looking at all aspects of 3D design, and how to document my ideas. He was very tough and critical, but very fair.
  • Note: I do not know Mr. Favro's status or location. 

My Childhood Fictional Heroes:
  • The Lone Ranger - Clayton Moore
  • Ben Cartwright - Lorne Greene
  • The Duke - John Wayne

For better or worse, these Heroes helped make me what I have become.


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