Saturday, October 10, 2009

A new 30m Vertical - Base

I finished the 30m Vertical Base, it is complete, and ready for installation. The upper aluminium sections are cut and split, also ready for installation.  I will lub the slip joints with "GB OX-GARD" even though oxidation is not a problem away from salt water of Puget Sound.

This antenna will be used for QRSS, WSPR and PSK on 30 meters.

Ready to be mounted, the upper aluminium sections slip into this base and clamp at splits at the top of the first short base section.

I guessed at the value of a bleed resistor 2.2K Ohms. It is what I had, greater than 10 time 75 Ohms. The end of the aluminium sections are open so they do not collect water, which was a problem with my old 4-BTV base.

The copper strap will be in contact with the support pipe which is driven into the  ground. Radials will be attached on the bolts below.

In hind sight, it may have been less expensive to find a commercial 20 or 40 meter antenna and make modifications, but I do not know of such an antenna. Maybe I should have just used a wire strung in a tree!?

But, It was still a good enjoyable Shop Project!


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