Thursday, October 8, 2009

A new 30m Vertical - Insulators

I have started machining the Hard Plastic Insulators for the antenna mounting bracket.

Centre hole to fit largest antenna tube

Ian, my Great Nephew (9yr) is staying with me for a few days, he likes to work in my Shop on small projects. But, I do not like him to be close to the machines while I am intently working. So, I gave him a project to keep him busy - I thought, it would take him about two hours to put a plastic Transmission Kit project together. NOT! - he was done in about 30 minutes.

 Parts laid out, with instructions at the ready

He is going to be a great Engineer someday!

Back to my Insulator Project

Ready to start turning the outside

Almost finished machining the first Insulator
This is a just a trial fit.

Ian's Finished Project

Ian was finished long before I was finished for the day!

After his project was finished, he wanted to just stand and watch the turning process on the Insulators.

It is a real joy to have someone, so young, so interested, and so intent on Shop projects.

Unfortunately Ian will not have a chance to get much Shop training in school - as I once had in my high school Shop classes. Local schools "don't do Shop" any longer. Looking back now, if it had not been for my Shop classes - I would have been just another LOST kid in a big school!


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  1. > Unfortunately Ian will not have a chance to get much Shop training in school ...

    Looks as if your education system has gone the same way as ours - training people to be lawyers, managers and bureaucrats rather than people who can actually design or manufacture something.

    I think China will be the leading economy in a couple of decades. Our leaders seem to have forgotten that it's the designers and engineers who make products that can be sold which create the wealth that pays for the people in suits who sit behind desks.